Trying out Elixir Nerves

September 9, 2016    Raspberry Pi Embedded Elixir

Blinking an LED with Elixir Nerves, and connecting to IEx via a serial port. Read

Reading Remote Control Receiver Values with Arduino

April 14, 2016    Arduino Embedded

When I started building my quadcopter, one of the first things I needed to figure out was how to communicate with the remote control. Read

Arduino Workshop!

September 30, 2015    Arduino Embedded

A brief recap of my Arduino Workshop. Read

SassC-Rails: Faster Compilation & Source Maps with LibSass

July 11, 2015    Rails Ruby

Bringing LibSass to Ruby & Rails Read

Use a Custom Icon Font similar to how you would use Font Awesome

March 11, 2015    Web

Setup and maintain a custom icon font, and use it like Font Awesome. Read