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Recurring Subscriptions in One Day with Rails
An example of adding recurring Stripe subscriptions into your Rails SaaS app quickly and efficiently.  Read
SassC-Rails: Faster Compilation & Source Maps with LibSass
Bringing LibSass to Ruby & Rails  Read
Implementing Undo with a Delayed Sidekiq Worker
Allowing your user to undo destructive actions is a great user experience improvement that's unfortunately missing from many web applications. In this article I'll discuss implementing basic undo functionality with Rails & the Sidekiq gem.  Read
Writing Your First Background Worker
Background workers are necessary for almost all projects, and for some applications, background code can be just as important as the web facing code.  Read
A look at Enumerators and Laziness
Enumerators were mysterious to me for a long time. It turns out, they're quite easy to use and can be a very valuable tool!  Read