Inviting Users, Part 1

Youtube - April 2, 2014    Ruby Rails

We'll start adding functionality to allow users to invite collaborators. Watch

A look at Enumerators and Laziness

February 19, 2014    Ruby

Enumerators were mysterious to me for a long time. It turns out, they're quite easy to use and can be a very valuable tool! Read

Implementing Subdomains

Youtube - January 19, 2014    Ruby Rails

In this episode we'll finally implement the Basecamp-style subdomains! To do this, we'll use Postgresql Schemas the Apartment gem. Watch

Creating a Database Diagram with Rails-ERD

January 15, 2014    Rails Database

Entity relationship diagrams are a great way to quickly visualize the structure of a Rails database & project. Read

Working Efficiently with CSS in Rails

January 1, 2014    CSS SASS Rails

I've made an effort improve my CSS/SASS workflow in the past few weeks, and I want to share what I've come across! Read