Database Modeling for an Event Ticketing Application

May 6, 2014    Rails Database

One of my readers sent me a description of an upcoming project. I'm going to walk through this example of how I'd model the database. Read

Implementing Undo with a Delayed Sidekiq Worker

May 1, 2014    Ruby Rails

Allowing your user to undo destructive actions is a great user experience improvement that's unfortunately missing from many web applications. In this article I'll discuss implementing basic undo functionality with Rails & the Sidekiq gem. Read

Writing Your First Background Worker

April 22, 2014    Ruby Rails

Background workers are necessary for almost all projects, and for some applications, background code can be just as important as the web facing code. Read

Inviting Users, Part 2

Youtube - April 16, 2014    Ruby Rails

In this episode we'll complete the user invitation functionality by adding Devise Invitable & customizing it. Watch

Simple Form & Bootstrap 3

Youtube - April 8, 2014    Ruby Rails

In this episode, we'll incorporate simple form into our project. We'll also revisit our old forms and clean them up. Watch