Completely Free, Easy to Setup SSL with Heroku and CloudFlare

January 3, 2015    Web

With CloudFlare's Universal SSL, it's now possible to get completely free, no hassle SSL for your PaaS hosted apps. Read

Building an API for a Mobile Client with Rails

Tanooki Labs Blog - August 27, 2014    Ruby Rails API

Within the Rails ecosystem, there are many, many different methods and libraries for creating APIs. One such gem that we’ve had success with recently is rocket_pants. Read

Creating a Gem for Rendering Doge Serialized Object Notation

June 13, 2014    Rails

You may have seen the announcement regarding the creation of Doge Serialized Object Notation (DSON). In this post I bring some of that magic to Rails. Read


Youtube - June 2, 2014    Ruby Rails

In this episode, we'll add the ability to create and manage projects. Watch

RPi & Rails Occupancy Detector, V1.0

May 21, 2014    Rails Raspberry Pi

A challenge was issued to see who could come up with the best Raspberry Pi hack for our coworking space. When there, I find myself walking all the way down the hall to use the restroom, only to see that it’s occupied! Read